LED Dog Collar In Various Fluorescent Colors

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LED Dog Collar In Various Fluorescent Colors

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Your dog is a part of your family, why would you risk losing him? If you own a large dog — or just a dog that loves to run and needs long walks even in the evenings — chances are you lose him out of sight from time to time. Yes, he comes back when you whistle or call him by name, but don’t you always get that rush of adrenaline if he takes more than a few seconds to appear in front of you? 

Make sure you can always see your dog, even in the dark, with this nylon flashing LED dog collar. To give you an easy visual contact during the day too, it comes in a wide variety of vivid fluorescent colors. 

  • Made of nylon  
  • Flashing LED lights  
  • 4 sizes available 
  • 6 colors available  
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