Bright Colored Harness and Leash for Dogs

Bright Colored Dog Harness Sale

Bright Colored Harness and Leash for Dogs

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If you’re one of those people who want all their things to be unique and original, fun and bright, then you absolutely need this bright colors dog leash and harness set. Your dog would probably love it too, after all, dogs adopt the characters of their owners. 

Both the leash and the harness in this set are made from nylon, which is one of the best materials for such products: stretchy, sturdy, durable. Probably the best part about this product, though, is the coloring. The set only comes in one finish, but it’s quite the finish, alright: a vivid combination of all the colors in the rainbow. 

  • Made of nylon 
  • Super colorful 
  • 2 sizes available 
  • 1 color scheme available 
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