Dematting Comb and Pet Grooming Rake

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Dematting Comb and Pet Grooming Rake


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Professional Deshedding Tool for Short, Long or Matted Hair and Undercoat – Reduces Knots & Tangles Instantly

 K9KONNECTION Brush for Dogs and Cats.

  • NO MORE PAINFUL BRUSHING SESSIONS - Whether you have a new Labradoodle or a thick hair Cat, with the K9konnection Demattting Comb and a little bit of patience, you can now remove mats and tangles and get your dog or cat looking better and feeling more comfortable.
  • HEALTHIER, SHINY COAT & REDUCES ALLERGIES - Your new pet brush gently grooms and massages sensitive skin and safely removes mats and undercoat knots. The 9 Stainless Steel blades will give you the confidence to battle tough, stubborn mats! Removing excess hair, trapped dead skin, and dandruff from pets can help relieve seasonal allergies and sneezing for healthier pet owners.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & QUICK SWITCHING HEAD - Crafted with a non-slip, easy-to-hold handle, our grooming rake is non-abrasive on pet skin and coats and won't strain your wrist or forearm. Are you left handed? Simply unscrew the nut at the end of the brush and rotate the blades for an easier grooming session!
  • STOP DREADING GROOMING YOUR MATTED PETS - Your frustration with knots, mats and tangles ends now. The K9konnection Dematting and Deshedding brush reduces hair dander, dandruff, and undercoat shedding. Stop those mats and tangles now before they get out of hand!

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