The FURshark Deshedding and Pet Undercoat Brush


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K9KONNECTION FURshark Pet Brush, Deshedding Tool Dog Rake Undercoat Brush - Professional Rake Brush for Short, Medium and Long Hair Coats for Dogs & Cats - Rotating Stainless Steel Pins - Double Row

Are you looking for the best de-matting comb that provides gentle and precise dematting even for dogs with sensitive skin?
K9Konnection now offer the all new FURshark Pet Brush. Its great for removing excess and loose fur, reduces shedding, remove tangles and mats with minimal tugging or skin irritationand so we are sure your pets will always be loving and thanking you!

Benefits of Grooming & Brushing:

  1. Brushing Creates Relaxation and Calmingly Massages Your Pets Allowing Natural Oils to Circulate
  2. Removes Dirt Dander and Debris from the Skin and Coat, Prevents Mats from Forming in the Future
  3. Stimulates a Healthier and Shinier More Beautiful Coat. Also Prevents Irritation & Infections

The FURshark Pet Brush Works for all breeds of dogs (and cats)

K9Konnection is a small family business with a passion for pets and believe in providing high quality products with outstanding customer service. We strive to provide the best customer service you'll ever experience and we hope you'll be a customer for a lifetime.

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